Quick Impression-2

In this week, we tried a new method and we used band while making quick impression. Time was not enough for us because we cut the band as well as attach to the paper, but quick impression activities are entertaining time for me.


1. Peckham Library Alsop & Stormer, London, 2000

2. Şişli belediye binası, Boran EKİNCİ, İstanbul, 2013

3. Brasilia-OSCAR NIEMEYER, 1964

4. Cchurch of Light TADAO ANDO Ibrahim – 1989

5. Tu Delft Library mecanoo, Delft 2010

6.Jewish Museum, Daniel Libeskind, Berlin 2001

Pure Creation of The Mind & What does music mean?


Firstly, we read a text from “Towards a New Architecture”  written by Le Corbusier and then watched a video called “What does music mean?” Leonard Bernstein: Young people’s concerts

In this text, generally author puts emphasis on the Parthenon. In the structure of Parthenon the basic element is doric columns. Achievement of Parthenon is based on strong harmony and unity. At the same time the video has the same qualities. Everthing is related each other and all basic substructures create an unusual and strong structure and unity. Harmony, unity, proportion, human mind and other components complete each other.

In the video, people usually say that meaning of music is a story, but according to Bernstein, music is never about anything. Music is related to notes and sounds like that… Music is the using basic elements harmonizingly.

Structural Frame – Stage 1 : Manufacturing Process


This week our main topic was RHYTHM and we watched some videos that are based on rhythm in the poetry and we analysed the structural principles of poetry work. we were given assignment which has two stages. In the first stage, we were expected to observe and make structural analysis of a small scale manufacturing counter and the particular steps within the course of production.

Therefore, i chose a handcraft  called computation handcraft. I  took photos and video, analysed and observed its every step while making.Then, i prepared a flow chart that presents the sequential stages of the production process. It is made up of some elements .It is made with symmetrical order by the help of grid. When looking 15. and 16. steps, these have rhythm due to the fact that the work of stitch has regulating movement. Using different colors of rope creates differentiation and variation. Moreover,  in the 8. and 10. steps have rhythmical movement because of the fact that it is made two times regularly. One time tighten it and then strain the cloth and tighten again…



This is my last poster. I believe that my skill improve about this topic in time so I prepared and organised the words again. We learnt some keywords for making a better design in arch121&111. I placed all of them according to the balanca by value. It is one of the basic principles in the balance of a design. I used blur image for the background and i wanted to attract attention on words. Organisation of the words placed in terms of proportion and balance. Words in the middle have perpective according to order of importance. When looking at as a whole, words were divided three parts obviously by the help of background. Each of groups have a relation each other in terms of meaning and also each of words in the right and left are parallel with ground. Moreover, title is different and important thing among the words so i used different color for it.

Architectural Tour of Ankara

Yesterday, we went on an architectural tour of Ankara starting from Kızılay and ending at Ulus for observing different structures(business bank, sumer bank,ulus office building,ottoman bank..etc.) which were made by famous architects. These have different structures from each other. After establihed the Turkey republic, affected from architecture of Ottoman, but after some time it was abandoned this style and they decided to develop modern architecture so some famous architects were invited to Turkey and with this event modern architecture started and neoclassic architecture lost its importance. In those terms, abandoned from ornamental and exaggerated style and people created more abstraction structure. Aim is that create aesthetics.

I want to show some photograph from our trip…

When looking at this building what we see is that used different materials which include brass,copper,marble and stone, all of them created their own composition and textural effects for the structure.


The Municipalities Bank- Seyfi Arkan

The other architectural structure is Ulus Office Building. I observed and sketcked this important structure. This place was built by G.Beken, O. Bolak and O. Bozkurt.These architects won architecture project competition and made it.

I took this photo different aspect from the ulus office building and sketcked it to observe details.



In this week, we made a digital poster which is a joint assignment of the courses. Firstly, we watched a video which is about structure of music and then we read an article about structure of architecture. When i think about music and architecture, they have common points. Apart from this, in this poster, i showed a hierarchy between words. They are parallel each other. Bigger words are more important words and also i organised these words according to order of importance. When looking the title, i used different color from other words because title should be more effective. Moreover, İn the background has an abstraction concept and i used this picture because when looking as a whole, it has regular lines and it has an alingment and also I prefered white & black because backgrounds should not be remarkable than foreground.

The assignment about photoshop :Poster designing


This is my first photoshop experience. Before i do not start this, it seems so hard ,but it is not true. It was pleasant. Firstly, I tried different configuration to create differences. I think that title is more important quality than other parts so I prefered different color in the title. I wanted to show being a relation between title and building. I wanted to change structure of building because it is related to the title and it remarks the title’s importance. The another giving importance quality is light. I arranged in terms of light. In the poster, lateral surfaces in the building are more darkness than other parts.

Initial Model & Light box & Final Model


                                                  These are views of my initial and final model.

In initial model in the right, we were expected to make up a composition in 3D. While we make it we have to a particular proportion and hierarchy and also we should give importance geometrical properties and visual perception.Tihs model should have a relation with our sketches which were made in first part. After we made it, discussed on it in the studio.For the final model, we were given a new assignment called “Light Box”. we changed our model using it. With light box, we paid attention to light and shadow. On the other hand, in the final model we used ropes to abstract the other photographs’ other sides which were taken previously.


fina l kutu

                                                              View of models in the light box

With light box, we observed our models positions and did some changes on it. We thought more detailed. I changed the perpective view to remark better. and also i gace importance to the light and shadow. In the new model i observed according to the source of light. After made final model we changed their contrast (black&white) to acquire stronger shadow and then printed out on A3.

Part 1 : Spatical Abstraction


In this assignment we observed a particular space in Kurtuluş Park and we took 4 photographswhich contain a main photo, right&left and a ground photo to abstract them so i chose a photograph which being lots of trees because these have a proportion and order and i thought that abstracting the photo can be great. After that, we analysed these photographs and we drew using sketch paper.