My report about the text: ‘The Design Studio’

      In this text, it is mentioned about practises,learning and developing process in the design studio. The principle behind design-studio projects in education is that of  ‘learning by doing’. It is practical way to test design skills and also it is a strong way to reinforce what is being learned. I think that design studio is the most important concept in the text mentioned because architecture students and designers are assigned to a design-studio tutor and these tutors give some opportunities to learn and develop their design projects and assist their different approaches to design. Moreover, design- studio has contribution on architectural students. Students can develop their craft and communication skills in there. They particularly collaborate together and create different ideas.

     The another refered topic is starting,developing and being professional a design project. To my way of thinking, developing a design project is more difficult period than other phases, because generally developing new design and also while developig the project, making certain desicions is harder for designers. I learned something about making a design project through this part. I want to mention about a project made by Zaha Hadid who is an architect.The construction of an ambitious design for a new museum was culturally significant and it developed slowly over a number of year. I am affected the building due to the fact that Hadid’ inspires by streams. The walls of the MAXXI create major streams and minor streams. The major streams are the galleries, and the minor streams are the connections and the bridges. According to Hadid, the MAXXI should not be considered just one building – but several. The idea was to move away from the idea of “the museum as an object” and towards the idea of a “field of buildings”.

    When we think about all of the text, there is not doubt that the process of teaching,learning and practising in the design studio reveals some needs and designers’ hidden skills. A range of architects and designers have creative ideas and architectural achievements. They assist us to develop skills and they contribute to us during making a project accordingly.