Initial Model & Light box & Final Model


                                                  These are views of my initial and final model.

In initial model in the right, we were expected to make up a composition in 3D. While we make it we have to a particular proportion and hierarchy and also we should give importance geometrical properties and visual perception.Tihs model should have a relation with our sketches which were made in first part. After we made it, discussed on it in the studio.For the final model, we were given a new assignment called “Light Box”. we changed our model using it. With light box, we paid attention to light and shadow. On the other hand, in the final model we used ropes to abstract the other photographs’ other sides which were taken previously.


fina l kutu

                                                              View of models in the light box

With light box, we observed our models positions and did some changes on it. We thought more detailed. I changed the perpective view to remark better. and also i gace importance to the light and shadow. In the new model i observed according to the source of light. After made final model we changed their contrast (black&white) to acquire stronger shadow and then printed out on A3.

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