Architectural Tour of Ankara

Yesterday, we went on an architectural tour of Ankara starting from Kızılay and ending at Ulus for observing different structures(business bank, sumer bank,ulus office building,ottoman bank..etc.) which were made by famous architects. These have different structures from each other. After establihed the Turkey republic, affected from architecture of Ottoman, but after some time it was abandoned this style and they decided to develop modern architecture so some famous architects were invited to Turkey and with this event modern architecture started and neoclassic architecture lost its importance. In those terms, abandoned from ornamental and exaggerated style and people created more abstraction structure. Aim is that create aesthetics.

I want to show some photograph from our trip…

When looking at this building what we see is that used different materials which include brass,copper,marble and stone, all of them created their own composition and textural effects for the structure.


The Municipalities Bank- Seyfi Arkan

The other architectural structure is Ulus Office Building. I observed and sketcked this important structure. This place was built by G.Beken, O. Bolak and O. Bozkurt.These architects won architecture project competition and made it.

I took this photo different aspect from the ulus office building and sketcked it to observe details.