Structural Frame – Stage 1 : Manufacturing Process


This week our main topic was RHYTHM and we watched some videos that are based on rhythm in the poetry and we analysed the structural principles of poetry work. we were given assignment which has two stages. In the first stage, we were expected to observe and make structural analysis of a small scale manufacturing counter and the particular steps within the course of production.

Therefore, i chose a handcraft  called computation handcraft. I  took photos and video, analysed and observed its every step while making.Then, i prepared a flow chart that presents the sequential stages of the production process. It is made up of some elements .It is made with symmetrical order by the help of grid. When looking 15. and 16. steps, these have rhythm due to the fact that the work of stitch has regulating movement. Using different colors of rope creates differentiation and variation. Moreover,  in the 8. and 10. steps have rhythmical movement because of the fact that it is made two times regularly. One time tighten it and then strain the cloth and tighten again…

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