Pure Creation of The Mind & What does music mean?


Firstly, we read a text from “Towards a New Architecture”  written by Le Corbusier and then watched a video called “What does music mean?” Leonard Bernstein: Young people’s concerts

In this text, generally author puts emphasis on the Parthenon. In the structure of Parthenon the basic element is doric columns. Achievement of Parthenon is based on strong harmony and unity. At the same time the video has the same qualities. Everthing is related each other and all basic substructures create an unusual and strong structure and unity. Harmony, unity, proportion, human mind and other components complete each other.

In the video, people usually say that meaning of music is a story, but according to Bernstein, music is never about anything. Music is related to notes and sounds like that… Music is the using basic elements harmonizingly.