Three reminders to architects – Mass and Surface

This article mentioned that mass and surface are important parts of structures in architecture. Mass and surface are revealed by plan which obtain from  a strong imagination. Our eyes are enabled to see forms in light and we perceive clearly. Most of the constructions having geometrical forms and mathematical calculations satisfy our eyes as a visual. With this part, I can say that architectural beauty is enabled through geometrical.

Also the other important quality is surface in architecture. Author says that to model surface of a simple and primary form brings about relation between mass and surface. I agree with this view. Mass refers to the size of a building and can be understood as the actual size or size relative to context and on the other hand, surface completes as a beauty to this building .I ‘m just saying that  both of them are an indivisible whole.

   Three reminders  to architects – Mass and Surface from Le Corbusier’s Towards New Architecture


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