Basic Observations

I read Basic Observations from Experiencing Architecture which was written by Steen Eiler Rasmussen. At the beginning, he defined that architecture is not just together with fine art. Art is only one thing for architecture. Architecture includes harmony of plans, sections, elevations each other to be concerned by him/her and he thinks them as a whole. Making limit and being understand are so strong concept for architecture. It works with most of fields of art together so unlike other occupation, it is very comprehensive. When looking at the architectural art, we can see that generally it is a functional art because painters and sculptures do their arts for art, but architects do their arts for human beings and solving a practical problem. That is to say that an architectural structure provide a suitable area and regulates it.


On the other hand, while the architect does it, he has comprehensive knowledge of all important qualities because truth can change for everybody. For instance, a design style which accepted as a truth according to that term can refuses in time. I agreed with this idea. Everything should evaluates in its own term. If architects design their buildings in harmony with its era, the design will live longer. I made think a sentence told by author. ” Details tell nothing essential about architecture, simply because the objects of all good architecture is to create integrated wholes.” Understanding architecture is not looking at just from the outside. we should be aware how it was designed and planed in a harmony. The structure is looked at as a whole and it is evaluated in all aspects.

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