ARCH 201/ In Situ: Eymir Peninsula

In my photomontage, the green areas represent the space of trees, and brown colour represent the reeds.The route been red colour for 15 people they experience high level of the land and blue colour for the 5 people and they experience the south facade near the lake and finally yellow colour represent sinle person route. This route just is suitable for one person because surface of the land in north has challanging conditions in term of slope and weather.

s copy

We went to Eymir lake for the project. During the trip, we were expected to landscape design for this land and we analysed the physical qualities of the land and we documented sketches and drawing. Natural factors like position of the sun, trees, direction of the wind…etc. have an importance and also scale has also significant effect to design. Then, We were expected to find three routes for the 1/5/15 people.


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