ARCH 221: Final Assignment Draft

As the final assignment of the course ARCH 221, I decided the “transition”  as a concept that is in relation to the experience of space and also my architectural element is “courtyard”. My project includes transitional spaces which connect from open to enclosed. Transition is one of the basic concept of architecture. It is cannot only passing from open space to closed space, but also it connects between everything which have different qualities such as from narrow space to large and from regular to irregular. In short, it act as a bridge.

When looking at the history of architecture, courtyard function as transition space between outside-inside and between rooms obviously. Courtyard houses consisting of multiple separate residences have been built in many regions and eras and also it changed in time. The first appearance of the courtyard in Neolithic age. The courtyard house has played a major role in people’s life because of the fact that they have been used for many purposes including cooking, sleeping, working, playing, gardening and etc. The courtyards also link between private and common space.

In Greek architecture, the courtyard was built in open air space between rooms. In those days women were not allowed to stay outside, so the courtyard was built so that they feel as if they were in outdoor space.

In Hellenistic Greek and Roman term, courtyard transformed to the Peristyle which is a open colonnade in a building surrounding a court. However, it still maintained to separate from outdoor to indoor as well as maintained to become transitional area. When we look at the Islamic architecture in Mediaeval term, the traditional Islamic courtyard called Sehan. It is used for secular and religious purposes.

To sum up, we can see the meaning of transition in the history of architecture of civilizations. The courtyard is one of the most important architectural element to understand using of transition in daily life. I just mentioned types of courtyards of some civilizations  very briefly, but i will explain in detail in days to come.


Transition Spaces


2 thoughts on “ARCH 221: Final Assignment Draft

  1. Good, very clear and neat and it sounds very promising. If you ask me, it especially starts to look very bright when you start talking about transitions in “daily life”; that can help you focus on the concept of transition in terms of the experience of space in relation to function and activity and not only in terms of independent spatial properties (such as close and open), which would make this even more interesting and original research. My suggestion is that you focus on courtyards as spaces of transition of experience and use, and not the transition of space itself.


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