ARCH 201-241 Detail Model 1/20

In this assignment, we are going to study on the detailed model we have produced in ARCH 201 course. One of the detailed models will be selected and produced in 1/10- 1/20 or 1/50 scale, where the main motivation will be the structural concerns of the selected part. While producing, pay attention to the hierarchy of elements, how different planes/elements meet and work in coordination, sections of the elements etc. The load distribution pattern in the models to be produced should be similar to real conditions. Therefore, the material choice in the model should be in accordance with the actual material properties.
IMG_0622 At the beginning of my project, I thought using only wood element on the ground, in the roof and walls, but wood is not long-wearing for a long time when using the wood singly, so it needs a load bearing system such as steel frame. I decided to use combination of wooden slab and steel frame.

First step of the model is producing a steel frame. While producing, I thought how I produce the steel frame. While making it, I paid attention to the load distribution, so I used the truss system. The function of the truss is mainly to carry and support the weight of the covering material of the system. The members along the top are in compression and the members along the bottom are in tension. After the decision of the load distribution, I focused on the  points of junction. Welding is the basic method to join the steels. After applied that, it is not enough for the system robustness, so I applied extra method which is crewing. I used various parts of a metal plate connected steel truss. The plates and bolts are required for the structural trusses. With this way, it contributed more robustness to the system.    IMG_0624

Second step is wooden slab on the steel frame. I used 1cm wooden pieces (20cm in reality). Then, new problem was how both of the steel frame and wood bring together. I applied to screw from edges to the steel frame. Finally, I produced detailed model in 1/20scale.

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