Before the survey, I researched the measured building survey. The origin of word comes from French language “Relevé”. Relevé is an architectural scale drawing of an existing structure. It is a 2D drawings included plans, elevations, sections…It is used in restoration projects or to investigate the texture of the city. There are three kinds of Relevé in terms of usage and measurement. The first thing is drawing detailed plans. It is also important to know why you are measuring the building as this will determine how detailed your final drawings will need to be.

Before the measurement, it is looked around the entire building first, and understand layout where rooms, stairs…In the plan drawing, start from staircases as a centre of the building and you should develop the drawing around it. Also, don’t forget to measure ceiling heights, and if possible pick up the floor thickness (usually possible to do in a stair area), which will help with elevations and sections. Make a note of wall thicknesses, which will vary internally and externally. The hardest drawings are sections. Each floor draw clearly ( related each other) then, draw a section included the staircase. The easiest drawing is the elevation.

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