Survey Drawing (Relevé-Rölöve) in Cinnah 19


In previous week, we went to the Cinnah 19 (Architect’s Association 1927) and made measured drawing of the Roof. Each grup was assigned different Relevé. My group drew plan of the roof floor.

Before all of them, firstly there are a few essential items you need when you carry out a measured survey.

  1. Tape measure
  2. Lots of plotting paper
  3. Clipboard (A3 sized is enough)
  4. Camera
  5. Two or three colour pens

It goes without saying, this was not what it looks like. It forced us because we learned new technique to draw the plan in Autocad. The method we use to measure angles of strange shaped buildings is triangulation. We drew diagonal lines between corners and aquired a circle with this way and it was occured the walls, columns,etc..We learned a significant thing! Every one measurement has an importance for your drawing. Be careful!


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