Now, we are working on House, starting from the thingy and evolving towards aspects of a scenario that address relationship of the Thingy to spaces and subjects.

I am working to create a house for a family being three members. (2adults, 1 children and 1 elderly) The family being an art lovers want to live in suburban areas to be distant from the crowded city and become into the nature. They believe that living into the nature, give inspiration for art workings.

The concept of the house is ‘ live in the sunshine’. The house uses in all hours of a day actively, so daylight is the most important thing for the house. Based on this, I thought that a big opening that is heart of the house in the middle of the house enables the light in every part of the house equally. Also this opening volume creates accessibility between spaces and also create different surface experiences.

The living area is bigger than other parts because that’s where the people will spend most of their time, when not sleeping. The living area is divided two parts. First part is used place for family members to sit, read, draw, perform, play has become the center of the family life, so it is lower level to become more intimate. Second is the dining area.

thinking on the house still…

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