ARCH 202: Drawings & Jury Poster


When analyse the whole semester, it was too tiring, as well as it was too enjoyable because of designing a house. Firstly,  I want to mention the infographic of my house. The house is designed for 4 people. These are a child, couple and adult. The woman is a painter and use the house as a home office, and the adult is a retired and give a piano lesson for two special students.

My site is in Bilkent. Actually, the site is a flat, but I dig 3 metres and I aquired level differences. In the area, there are not many houses, and it is not good in terms of vegetation. Location of the site is in cross,roads. Across the road, there is a empty area that built a school in the future, so the level differences has an advantage to prevent noice and crowded, also I plant mant tress and  cut the visual connection with crowded road. With this way,  it enables the privacy for the house and family members.

20160510123422118_0001Now, I want to talk about the my design idea. The courtyard is heart of my house. The whole house forms around the courtyard. Main purpose of the courtyard is to acquire maximum daylight inside the house, and it provides a private garden for the family members. At the beginning, I designed two parts which making up working and living areas around the courtyard to define courtyard strongly. When entring the house, there are two circulation inside. It is separated living area and working area.


Living area is in the ground floor and it continues from the common area to private area. The adult room is close to his studio, and couple and child are close each other. There are small level differences between bedrooms of the family members.


In the -3 code, there are studios,  exhibition area and cinema. Students attending a course experience the exhibition area, while  passing though the painting studio. In that level, there is an opening  and connection between outdoor garden and the courtyard.