Social Housing


In the project, tried many ways to create variation inside of the block. Firstly, I tried straight corridor system contains many flats in a slab, but this way was not sıitable for human scale and there was any gap or openings inside of the block, so lack of feeling of fresh and comfortable for poeple living in there. Then, was tried large corridor sysyem but still straight. This became fresh, but still it was not suiatable for human scale,because people see the end of the corridor that has 160 meter lenght. This lenght is too terrşble to see that corridor. At the end, I decided the movement inside of the block. İt was created many gaps and openings creatibg new roof gares and terraces for gathering. With this gathering places poeple could use these places inside of the huge social hosuing. Also pushed some flats and aquired new corridor types. That’s why, people do not feel the long corridor feeling. Corridor gives a cutting in somewhere.  sectionThese variations in the corridors make a movement on the facade. The building can use daylight freely. On the facade I used wood and concrete combination. To remark the horizontality on the facade, I used wood between slabs and also I supported with horizontal continuous window on the facade.


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