ARCH 372 : Case Study – CCTV Headquarters


The CCTV Headquarters was built by OMA and Rem Koolhass in 2008 in Beijing.

The CCTV Headquarters is a 234 m, 44 story skyscraper. The tower serves as headquarters for China Central Television (CCTV) . Groundbreaking took place on 1 June 2004 and the building’s facade was completed in January 2008. Each tower has a different characteristics: Tower 1 includes offices and editing area and Tower 2 includes new broadacsting areas. The top of the building called overhang. This part of the building is joined by a cantilevering bridge for admisitration. (75 meter cantilever)  The construction of the building s considered to be a structural challange, especially because it is in a seismic zone. The CCTV Headquarters aims at an alternative to the exhausted typology of the skyscraper.

The forces at work within the structure are rendered visible on the facade: a web triangulated steel tubes ( diagrids). With this way, become dence in areas of greater stress, looser and more open space in areas. the self supporting hybrid facade structure features high performance glass panels with a sun shading of open ceramic frit, creating the soft silver grey that gives the building subtle presence.

  • In external structural system used diagrid (continuous tube system) . Diagrid steel frame. In the diagrid systems; Diagonal members formed as a framework made by the intersection of different materials like steel, concrete…  It was used triangular structure with diagonal support beams. Irregular geometry of steel structure faade gives it stabilitiy to cope with different load conditions.
  • In internal Structural system, used different types of columns are also used to reach their maximum carriying capacity.



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