İlhan Tekeli Symposium


Today’s our university İlhan TEKELi came to visit. He was born in Izmir, in 1937.  He completed his primary and secondary education in Izmir.  He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Constructional Engineering Department.
He got master’s degree in City and Regional Planning at Middle East Technical University in 1964 and at Pennsylvania University in 1966. He did his doctorate in City Planning at Istanbul Technical University in 1968. He lectured at different universities abroad as a guest professor. He was a member of advisory committees in many municipalities and institutions. In the seminar, the main theme is the democratic planning process in İzmir. He mentioned that the process of reconstruction of İzmir. New approach to develop seaside and historical place of İzmir and also mentioned that process of İzmir municipality and architects relations. In the reconstruction process, they aimed that partipation of people lived in İzmir. With this way, they aimed more dymanic innovation process.

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