My proposal is coming from the analysing the historical Sigorta map in İzmir. I  created main spine with traces that based in the old site. This main spine acts as a thick wall and this wall formd according to the requirements. And other stores fromed around this spine.  My main cocncept is that the void that is locked up in ancient han typologies, to turn from inside to outside  Iranian souk typology is given inspiration to me to develop my proposal for this site. Then, this spine brances according to the program. The wall in the first level mainly consists of storage and servives areas. Also it included space generated as circulation , in somewhere it transfroms to core of the site. Thr bazaar has four main core included toilets, elevators and stair.  The thick wall concept brings about massive sense to the bazaar. In somewhere, this massive sense breaks and occurs as courtyards.  The program generated on; wood bazaar ( handmade wood design and wood engraving ). Workshops, ateliers, production rooms, recreation areas, display areas, and exchange areas. When people visit the bazaar, they take a oppotunity to attend to workshops as well as they buy somehthing. form shops. When doing all of them, smell of wood spreading to whole bazaar comes to your nose.