We studied on two case study related with  this term project Emsalsiz ( highrise building that has mixed-use). These are;

TOBB ETU Technology Center – A Architectural Design

EGE Plaza – Hatırlı Architecture

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Again and again new term is came and we started to work on a new project Emsalsiz. In this term, large-scale urban projects are to be assigned to us.  we have chosen to introduce the challenges that the contemporary urban condition imposes on architecture by conceptualizing the word emsalsiz. Turkish word emsalsiz is used in two senses.

First it points to the becoming obsolete of emsal, which is originally an urban measure defined as “the ratio of the building floor area in relation to the land” (TAKS). In the recent urban transformation projects this ratio is so high and exceptional that emsal
ceases to be a measure. This is a condition “without measure” that can be coined as emsalsiz. As the congestion and scale increases the conventional architectural types and urban typologies are almost impracticable. As such it may refers to the second meaning of emsalsiz that is “without precedent”.

In architecture emsalsizlik may both point to a crisis of representation but may also be taken as a possibility for innovation and originality. As part of group work the students are asked to analyze, diagrammatize and document a newly developing urban center as a case. The site where the exercise will be performed is the area between Dumlupınar Boulevard on north, Mevlana Boulevard on east and Muhsin Tazıcıoğlu Avenue on west. The plots facing this larger area are also to be included.