EMSALSİZ II : 3rd Pre Jury

Beginning of the analysis, I analyzed the site in macro and micro scale to understand the general character of the Çukurambar and its position in the city scale. In large scale, Ankara consists of various zones that have different character and potential ( military, education, cultural and health) and Çukurambar is located in the intersection between these zones and these zones affect and has a relation with the Çukurambar in time.  Then, analyzing in deeper, Çukurambar is composed of repeating cell system. These cells composed of the different organs and it found out the gene structure of the Çukurambar. The analysed maps show that the region commonly composed of offices ( business) , commercial areas, residential areas. In this gene map, showing the domain organ of each cell and our site is affected from these genes of Çukurambar. When generating the program of my building, the repeating existing gene of Çukurambar has a mutation. They can change according to the program.

Above maps show the pedestrian and vehicular movement around of site.  This analysis provides to notice that social and residential points  of site. YDa center side is more accessible for people. On the other hand, the other side is calmer and isolated in the site.

After whole process, my main functional program is determined as Healthcare and Research center.  The healthcare center and its accommodation is located in residential part because of that it is more quiet region of site. after the conposed the function I substracted the center of rectangular prism and create courtyard in the middle of the functions. Then, the subtracted part is the added to other side of the site a solid piece. The other operation is based on gridal structural system. In one of parts, the grid system remain in between functions. In other, the grid system does not hide and starting to establish relation with environment. With this way, the two pieces of the site does not have a relation physically, it has a connection in terms of meaning and feeling.

There two main vertical circulation and horizontal circulation is flowing in between the functions. Also, in some levels there are bridges between oppising functions.


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