ARCH 401: Final jury ; Program & generation process

My starting point of the project is comes from the Ankara map. When examining the map, solid void map has been helped to understand zonning and bounders of the Ankara. Then, it is created the main roads and district map in addition to the another map. Besides, the Ankara is divided to four main functional zones that contains education, ministry, hospital and cultural. The Çukurambar is located in intersection point of these zones. These system and organs of Ankara contribute to occur character of Çukurambar.  In micro scale, gene of Çukurambar is analysed in terms of functional distribution. The functional distribution map called genes is created. The, these genes are juxtaposed and tried to understand how these genes adding to my program. When examining all these mapping analysis, all of characters and genes have been had a mutation when getting involved to my program.

Main program is generated as a health research institution center. Its generic form is comes from the YDA Center gene. YDA Center’s generic form is rectangule and it is formed with carving operation. Based on this, my building is accepted as a rectangular prism in starting point, then its healthcare and temporary accomodation is subtracted from the prism and addded to the other part of the site. Main building that is close to the YDA Center contains research laboratories, workshops,  exhibition and library parts. Subtracted parts create common points for users and also connects inner and outer visually. The grid system organize the building as a whole. It squirts out in subtracted part. In negative part of the building, the grid system inverted in buildig. These out grid system creates terraces, roof gardend and gathered places for people whivh comes to meditation and therapy center.