Variation-III (Final model )


In my new model(variation-III), I created a new variation of Variation-II. For the juxtaposed part, I want to tell how I have achieved them. I decided to separate parts which has different characteristic qualities. Therefore, I used planar elements and made up linear and planar parts. Group seen like linear was stretched more, and planar group was made bigger to feel more planar. With this way I divided two parts. Its main purpose is to remark juxtapositional area between them and in the middle of the model I used linear and planar elements together and acquired juxtapositional volume in there. I used a lot of linear andplanar elements together and revealed different juxtapositional volume.  On the other hand, we were given an opportunities to make mass, so I thought to use massive area in the juxtapositional area to remark it more and  I decided to use mass just on the linear elements. In this new model, we were given a new material(transparency) to used on it, but it is not using an element. My professor said that you should use the new material as a language of your model. I decided to use transparency material to divide some volumes. For instance, A planar element divides two different volume in the model and I used transparency instead of the planar element with this way, I acquired three different juxtapositional volume also strong volume.

A Break With The Theme

kjWe were expected to make a conceptual model and we were given 2 words for us and we searched and analysed it in terms of differet aspects. My words are juxtaposition and amplified, but i just chose JUXTAPOSITION to apply in my new model. Juxtaposition is the act of placing two entities in close proximity to each other. the use of the word juxtaposition is used to describe a sharp contrast between two things. By placing two positions, each with their own identity in close proximity to each other, their defining characteristics and differences stand out. Previously, i made a small model to define Juxtaposition. I used linear element and curve together and created new thing.



In the model we are expected to make up a model which include both of Variation-I and Structural frame. My model composes 3 main parts. These are Planar part, Linear part and merging part. In the planar area i streched to emphasis to this part. (the biggest part). Linear part have relation each other in terms of proportion and measurement. Also in the merging area, i changed direction of rotation to acquire stronger relation between linear and planar elements. I decided to seperate 3 parts to emphasis and remark each one part and with this wat i can show relation with each other easily.