Term Report

In this term, we were given a long project and we worked on it and made four models. I want to mention about the beginning of my project. I have worked on my models for four months. In the first model, we were expected making up a model with stick form element. When I do this, I gave importance some principles such as repetition, variation, differentiation, unity…etc. In this model, branching, rotation and addition are most important qualities to make a model. In this model, we started to learn some basic information such as their relationship between each other.

In the second model(variation-I), we were expected to create variation of first model. In the model, we just focused on relationship between elements. I wanted to remark particular parts which had relation in terms of horizontality-verticality, volumetric and geometrical.

After learned relationship, volumetric effects..etc. we were given to model 3( Variation-II). This model was variation of mode-2. In this model we used stick and planar form element together. There are three main parts in the model. The reason is that to show parts’ relations between them easily. These are linear, planar and merging parts. I stretched and used more planar elements in the planar part to emphasis it. The linear part has relation between each other in terms of proportions and measurement and the third part(merging part) I purposed to acquire stronger relation between linear and planar elements. On the other hand, as a whole I wanted to stronger effect ,so I eliminated some parts. With this way I created density in other particular parts. Especially, I gave importance to do not use  limited volume in every sides, so I tried to make different volumetric effect in each side.

After made this model, we were given two words each of us to apply them to new model. My words are juxtaposition and amplified, but I just chose juxtaposition. I want to tell why I’ve chosen to this word. Actually, juxtaposition is difficult to understand obviously. However, when I started to search the word, I noticed that juxtaposition is everywhere in our lives. Then, I looked at my previous model and noticed that there are more than one juxtaposition, but it was not seen clearly, so I decided to remark juxtapositional areas more. Before the model we made small model expressed the word. We expected how we achieved this in the model. In the small model I used curve and linear things together so they create juxtapositional areas with together. Each of them do not lose their characteristic qualities and they bring them together. And then, pre-jury came and we prepared a diagram for new model. I thought that using linear and planar element together and also I gained to remark their characteristic qualities more. However, during the jury, my professors said that I should concentrate on volume, also I shouldn’t think the juxtaposition in terms of elements. After the pre-jury I thought my critics and decided to apply as volume to this word.

In my new model(variation-III), I created a new variation of model-III. For the juxtaposed part, I want to tell how I have achieved them. I decided to separate parts which has different characteristic qualities. Therefore, I used planar elements and made up linear and planar parts. Group seen like linear was stretched more, and planar group was made bigger to feel more planar. With this way I divided two parts. Its main purpose is to remark juxtapositional volume between them and in the middle of the model I used linear and planar elements together and acquired juxtapositional volume in there. I used a lot of linear and planar elements together and revealed different juxtapositional volume.  On the other hand, we were given an opportunities to make mass, so I thought to use massive area in the juxtapositional area to remark it more and  I decided to use mass just on the linear elements. In this new model, we were given a new material(transparency) to used on it, but it is not using an element. My professor said that you should use the new material as a language of your model. I decided to use transparency material to divide some volumes. For instance, A planar element divides two different volume in the model and I used transparency instead of the planar element with this way, I acquired three different juxtapositional volume and strong volume.

Basic Observations

I read Basic Observations from Experiencing Architecture which was written by Steen Eiler Rasmussen. At the beginning, he defined that architecture is not just together with fine art. Art is only one thing for architecture. Architecture includes harmony of plans, sections, elevations each other to be concerned by him/her and he thinks them as a whole. Making limit and being understand are so strong concept for architecture. It works with most of fields of art together so unlike other occupation, it is very comprehensive. When looking at the architectural art, we can see that generally it is a functional art because painters and sculptures do their arts for art, but architects do their arts for human beings and solving a practical problem. That is to say that an architectural structure provide a suitable area and regulates it.


On the other hand, while the architect does it, he has comprehensive knowledge of all important qualities because truth can change for everybody. For instance, a design style which accepted as a truth according to that term can refuses in time. I agreed with this idea. Everything should evaluates in its own term. If architects design their buildings in harmony with its era, the design will live longer. I made think a sentence told by author. ” Details tell nothing essential about architecture, simply because the objects of all good architecture is to create integrated wholes.” Understanding architecture is not looking at just from the outside. we should be aware how it was designed and planed in a harmony. The structure is looked at as a whole and it is evaluated in all aspects.

Three reminders to architects – Mass and Surface

This article mentioned that mass and surface are important parts of structures in architecture. Mass and surface are revealed by plan which obtain from  a strong imagination. Our eyes are enabled to see forms in light and we perceive clearly. Most of the constructions having geometrical forms and mathematical calculations satisfy our eyes as a visual. With this part, I can say that architectural beauty is enabled through geometrical.

Also the other important quality is surface in architecture. Author says that to model surface of a simple and primary form brings about relation between mass and surface. I agree with this view. Mass refers to the size of a building and can be understood as the actual size or size relative to context and on the other hand, surface completes as a beauty to this building .I ‘m just saying that  both of them are an indivisible whole.

   Three reminders  to architects – Mass and Surface from Le Corbusier’s Towards New Architecture


My report about the text : ‘Regulating Lines’ (Arch 121)



“An inevitable element of Architecture.The necessity for order. The regulating line is a guarantee against wilfulness. It brings satisfaction to the understanding. The regulating lines is a means to an end; it is not a recipe. Its choice and the modalities of expression given to it are an integral part of architectural creation.” 

                                                                                             Towards a New Architecture- Le Corbusier

      Regulating lines, starting at significant areas of the main volumes, could be used to rationalize the placement of features in buildings.At the beginning  primitive man has regulated his environment and has chosen things which is suitable for him  survive and then he found and produced some equipments himself. He made tent and regulated according to some qualities and this process developed in time. For instance Greeks, Egyptions, Michelangelo and others always used regulating lines because regulating lines provide strong and excellent structure.

Regulating line is based on measurement.The reason why using measurement and geometric shapes are that they gives tangible results and can perceive easily. If they are not, everything becomes arbitrary and illogical. In this reading i liked a quotation” With your regulating lines you kill imagination, you make a god of a recipe.Some people believe that using regulating lines do not improve anything also you lose your quality of imagination, but i don’t think like that. In my humble opinion,  regulating lines just contribute and provide harmonic unity of color and  it provides mathematical results as tangible.

We can see harmony of geometrical shapes in the most of the famous construction in history. Proportion , harmony between structures obtain through geometric shapes and with them we perceive beauty of construction. On the other hand, purpose of regulating lines satisfy and guarantee construction which made with pleasure.


                ( Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris)

We can see a example of using harmony of geometric shapes and regulating lines.The determinant surface of the Cathedral is based on the square and the circle.

Pure Creation of The Mind & What does music mean?


Firstly, we read a text from “Towards a New Architecture”  written by Le Corbusier and then watched a video called “What does music mean?” Leonard Bernstein: Young people’s concerts

In this text, generally author puts emphasis on the Parthenon. In the structure of Parthenon the basic element is doric columns. Achievement of Parthenon is based on strong harmony and unity. At the same time the video has the same qualities. Everthing is related each other and all basic substructures create an unusual and strong structure and unity. Harmony, unity, proportion, human mind and other components complete each other.

In the video, people usually say that meaning of music is a story, but according to Bernstein, music is never about anything. Music is related to notes and sounds like that… Music is the using basic elements harmonizingly.