2nd Pre-Jury

My design proposal comes from Kemeraltı Hans typologies. In the existing typology, the hans have common points . İnner corridor sytem and also appropriate and enough storage spaces, because n these days, mostly the city  provide for       dry legumes, dry graapes etc. The inner corridor sysyem provides a inner circulation between the commercial areas and has a closed circulation experience for people shopping. Unlike the existing condition, I improved a new interpretation to that location and I turned inside to out and created an open circulation system. The void that be caged became a free in outside and on the contrary, the the stores lined up on a spine.

Other step to develop of my proposal is the analysing the historical Sigorta map in İzmir. I  created main spine with traces that based in the site. This main spine acts as a thick wall and this wall formd according to the requirements. And other stores fromed around this spine like Iranian souk typology  and brances according to the prrogram. The wall in the first level mainly consists of storage and servives areas. In somewhere it generated as exibition center, in somewhere it transfroms to passage way or special room in workshops etc…

My program is the creating a bazaar on wood works. It includes many type of activities, workshops on wood for people, production areas… Wood engraving, wood toys, wood jewellery, special design products and many kinds of production… Also productions ade in ateliers exhibits in exhibition center.

The location that closed to the streets has workshops areas to increase the participation of the turist or people, and also exchange spaces of these products. In interior spaces includes mostly, production areas. When a person passing from that location, he/she takes the smelling of wood and wonder what it makes… Spreading of smelling…

Prejury 1

Second concenptual model

In design process, firstly foced on the tradional İzmir hans typology. I anayled the typology  from old İzmir sigorta map. I realised the common point of hans. these are has main corridor ax sytem and stores located around it. The corridor divided two parts


First conceptual model