End of the semester… Final Model

In the final merged model, the instance placed into the field creating open and closed spaces and field changed in some spaces according to the instance. One part is closed space. I have increased level of enclosure. They have the same gaps to create variations between closed spaces and this is core of this close part because of the fact that it picks up the field and it helps continuity of the field. When the instance pass through the this part it has two strong instance pieces. They change the direction of the field and also to this part creates threshold in this model. This instance is cut in there and occur connection between two parts. In there, there is a continuing space without interruption.

In this part applied open space. In the closed space field just affect outside, but in the open space field start to pass through into the instance and coming field is continuing inside it. so this area is core of the open space because of the fact that field is picked up in there.  I maintained the same gap quality in the open space. I want to mention about hinges used as design tool. I have  different hinges according to relations between instance and field. one of them changes the direction of the surface and in the other hinge, when field come to instance, continuing field stop.


    Instance and field continues to develop. My model consists of two different parts. My key concept is enclosure and openless overlapping. In general, two part have a contrast relations each other. In the left side, I created more closed spaces and instance shapes different overlaps also it has a particular core that affects surrounding spaces, and field contributes to instance in some spaces to create relation. In some space, field changes and has the same characteristic quality with intance.

   When talking about the middle part, it has different meaning apart from the other parts. It changes the rotation of the field as well as  it creates a threashold in this model, but this linear piece is cut and instance created a relation with other part. In there, closed spaces pass through to open spaces.

   Unlike the left side, right side has open spaces and it has a particular core in the edge. This part named core because of the fact that all of the ropes and fields accumulated towards the core. This core just affects the own part, and core is cut in somewhere and in this part instance start to become effective. Field change rotation and appear like instance.


Our first models are ready…..This was too hard to provide durability because of the cartridge paper, but we completed to this process successfully…


After designed the diagram, we produced a model which includes 3 dimentional medium of volumetric relations. We were expected to comprise and develop on all diverge spatial experiences analysed and studiedin our diagrams. We acquired our models through Folded Planes out of a single cartridge paper. (50*70cm)

beyaz model

I focud on the spatial relationships so i acquired 2 words from my diagram and I tried to apply on it. Overlap and Intersection are my main design ideas for it. I chose to these words due to the fact that they have a difference and I wanted to anayse and show to this difference on the model.

Firstly, I want to mention about intersection spaces. I do not think that whem two things intersect each other, occur intersection. Intersection can be in common spaces. When some different pieces bring together ,create a common volume. This is a intersection principle for my model.  Some small pieces have a relationship each other and also small pieces have a relation with central big pieces.

Another part is overlapping spaces between intersection spaces. Overlapping spaes bring together with different size and extent with tihs way i gained to create variation between overlapping parts. Also i applied some similar overlapping strategy in some parts.Different spaces bring together and create volumetric relation each other.