ARCH 241: Design a Surface

We are asked to design and construct a surface through the organization of linear/planar/continuous elements, where we are going to study the structural performance of the surface. We are expected to create a “system” through the repetition and association of the elements and analyze the potential of the materials and the system. The proportions of the surface in xy axis is 1-5 / 2-5 and we are expected to discover the potential of the system we have proposed both in xy and z axis. While designing, I referred to the structural systems covered in the course and design the surface accordingly.

The Field 03.1 – FRAME

This was the initial step to produce a 2D surface by using a series of strings streched along a frame. I made a frame which has properties of surface. I made relations in terms of frequencyi, correlationsi directions and angles of lines. There is a core and also there are there parts. Each part has different frequency and shapes and all of them connect each other. With this way, each part had interrelations with each other.qw